Terms and Conditions

for Groovyband Live! software license

Short, up to the point, and in plain english. Read them now so you do not complain later!

With the term "the software" we mean the arranger program and the style expansion packs.

  1. The software is provided "as is" without any explicit or implied warranty or fitness for a particular purpose. We provide a demo edition anybody can test for as long as he/she desires before buying.

  2. The software is copy protected with a license key (a file) and can be run only on one computer. After purchase, the customer provides us a machine-ID (displayed by the demo edition and unique for each machine) and we issue the license keys for that machine.

  3. If the customer changes or modify the machine for any reason (upgrade, replacement, ...) so that the machine-ID becomes different, he has to ask us new license keys. We readily issue the license keys for the new machine, provided that:

  4. Being a digital product, no refunds are possible after the purchase. Since we offer a demo edition to test before purchase, when you "proceed to checkout" you already know what you get for your money.

  5. The only personal information we ask you is a valid email, which is needed to deliver you the product (download links) and the license keys. We treat your personal information according to our Privacy policy (link on every page of our site). Should you change your email, you can identify yourself through the unique "user ID" we assign to you at your first purchase (always displayed on the splash screen at program startup).

That's it!