FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What computer do I need to run the program?

    You need any computer (desktop, laptop, tablet) that runs Windows 10 - 64 bits. The resources needed by Groovyband Live! are so low that if the computer can boot Windows it can certainly run our software. Although not strictly required, realistically, to be productive in a live performance, you need a touch screen. Preferably with a 12" screen or wider.

    Android and iPad tablets are NOT supported.

  • Does Groovyband Live! produce the sound as well as the realtime arrangement?

    No. Groovyband Live! produces only a stream of midi data. You need a Yamaha XG keyboard (PSR S/SX, Tyros, Genos and others) to actually produce sound.

  • What are the demo limitations?

    1. You cannot save. When you quit the program every customization to styles and sounds is lost.
    2. You can use a maximum of 4 insert DSPs at once (as in the Standard version).
    3. After some minutes (~10) you are forced to quit. But you can restart the program immediately.
  • What happens if I change my computer? Will I lose the ability to run the software I purchased?

    No, you can ask to have new license files for the new computer.

    We provide this freedom to all the customers which are in good faith (= do NOT ask for new licenses unreasonably often). Each time you ask to issue a new set of license files you have to pay an administrative cost (currently 19€, per machine).

  • Why my antivirus (possibly) gives me an alert when installing/running the program?

    If you downloaded the program from our servers we guarantee it is absolutely virus free. Sometimes the antivirus programs use heuristics to figure out if a still unknown virus is present in an executable file. Heuristics are well known to trigger false positives, especially if the executable is compressed and/or uses anti-piracy tecniques.

    The executable is seen as a sequence of random numbers that by pure chance might match somewhere a virus signature. This could be the case with your antivirus. We cannot check them all!

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